Church History

In the Beginning...
1900 - 1975
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2000 - 2004

In March of 2000, another visionary was sent to Greater Target.  The Rev. Leroy Russell came with a new mindset and a prepared agenda.  Although his stay at Target was short, he inspired us to look beyond ourselves and trust that the Lord will show us where to go next.


     In October of 2000, God placed before us another shepherd from his flock.  The Rev. Alvin J. Blake, Sr. came fired up to lead Target's sheep to higher heights.  His ministry has been a teaching a preaching ministry.  Under his leadership, organizatioins were formed and others were reorganized.   The Sons of Allen and the Daughters of Sarah were organized and began working in the local church and throughout the Charleston District.  The Men's League was reorganized and began a powerful ministry throughout the church.  Other programs and ministries continued to teach about the Bible and God's love for His people.


    The church worked to build up the kingdom of God each day.  It was already fired up with the new programs and became more excited at the decision to host the 139th Session of the South Carolina Annual Conference, where the Right Reverend Henry Allen Belin, Senior Bishop was presiding.